Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello World ... as they say

Aricia's online at last ... and not before time. I've been getting flak from all sides for languishing, but doing a whole webpage is huge work for which I don't have the time. The solution was to blog -- but I've never had much luck with blogs because I couldn't get the templates to work. You know the ones: they look fantabulous, but when you try to get them to install in Blogger, the cough up some weird-ass error message, or else they won't "parse" or some other such drivel. On other words, nothing works, even though the professional programmers who wrote the templates swear blue in the face that they do.

Then I thought, "Hang on, why shouldn't I ask somebody at DreamCraft for an assist?"

You see, I'm a proofreader for Mel Keegan, so I swing by DreamCraft once or twice a week, and sometimes get to use their computers (which are a whole lot more powerful than mine).

So I talked to Jade about it, and she said, "Sure, I'll take a look."

And here we are. It turns out, it's not all that difficult to rig a new design for an existing blogger template ... and all the "parsing" rubbish you get when you try to install the fancy new templates from the design studios don't seem to happen when you do it yourself.

So here I am, saying "Hello World," and the next thing I'll do is explain what this blog is supposed to be about -- and where it's going!