Monday, December 1, 2008

Mission Statement

This blog is going to be something I've wanted to do for a long time ...a site about gay books, gay writers, gay stories. My favorite books and writers. Not just the new books which are coming out now (the books that get reviewed everywhere because they're new), but the books that were great 10 and 20 and even 30 years ago --

Because, let's face it, you can go to Amazon or alibris or eBay or somewhere, and search on the titles of these books, and it's a dead certainty you'll be able to get a used copy. You might even be able to get an ebook. A lot of these writers are taking responsibility for their own books these days. They do their reprints at companies like Lulu, or else they do ebooks.

So I'm going to be talking about my favorite gay books from all eras, not just what's coming out now, because you can order a used book off alibris or something just as easily as you can order a new book off Amazon or B&N.

And the fact is, a lot of the really good gay reads came out years and years ago. They shouldn't be forgotten -- but they WILL be if nobody talks about them, because (it's no secret) the publishing industry is lobotomizing itself, it's melting down. The chances of these really great books being reprinted is zip. So, unless they're going to be forgotten, folks like ME have to tell folks like YOU what they are, and where to get them.

(It'd be way too much to dream for that publishers somewhere would be reading this, and might give these great writers, and great books, a reprint. It might happen with ebooks ... gives you something to hope for.)

So I'll be back in my next post ... and I'll get started!