Monday, December 8, 2008

Same story everywhere!

Not a book review or recommendation today, folks, but a gotta-quote line from an interview in The Columbus Dispatch.

Here's the whole interview -- --

But the quote I wanted to pull today is just this:

Q: How do you react when you read a newspaper story that begins with the words, "The state of gay and lesbian publishing . . ."?
A: [...] I can say that I was slightly disgruntled when the publisher of my first two books mainly confined their advertising to gay publications, as if no straight people could possibly enjoy them.

Now, how many times have I heard the same thing from MK?! Small world, Mel.

And I'm thinking right now ... how many straights read gay stories? Because if you're gay and you're looking for something major to read, it's gonna be straight books 75% of the time, cuz there ain't enough gay stuff to go around ... well, not really good gay stuff. There's loads of gay fic, but if you want "great fiction" instead of erotica, your options are a bit more limited.

This is the whole reason for this blog.